Monday, 18 April 2016

Boiler Repairs: Addressing Problems Before They Become an Emergency

With winter at an end, now is a good time to take stock of your central heating system and decide whether your boiler requires repair or replacement. You may have been ignoring smaller issues with your central heating, like low water pressure, strange noises in the pipes, or radiators that don't get quite as hot as they should. Plumbers and heating engineers tend to be kept busy during the winter months, dealing with emergencies. Boiler repairs in London can be particularly difficult to source during the busy period. The last thing you want during winter is to have your heating switched off while a problem is investigated. By having your boiler checked out regularly, and any problems with the system sorted, you should be ensuring heat and hot water through the next winter, without the need for emergency maintenance.

Intelligent Gas Heating Boiler Replacement in London - Automatic Fault Detection

Gas heating systems can be automated to text Hornchurch homeowners in the event of a problem or defect with their central heating boiler systems. British Gas customers who decide to subscribe to this new and tech-savvy service called Boiler IQ9 will benefit from an intelligent boiler system that reports possible issues to the national supplier. If there is a problem, the system sends a text message to the homeowner suggesting they arrange an appointment for boiler servicing. In the absence of any response from the homeowner, British Gas plans to telephone the homeowner instead. The move is designed to help London homeowners keep their homes warm on winter nights and avoid catastrophic boiler failure. The gas company has recently found that most breakdowns occur up to twenty-four hours before the typical owner contacts the service team to request a diagnostic repair visit from a Hornchurch gas engineer.